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The Gardens at Still Meadows invite you to Relax, Refresh, & Invigorate.



David McAlister


In 1992 I purchased 24 acres of tangled clearcut, and I would not have purchased it at all if it had not been for a  full spectrum rainbow  stretching from one end of the property to the other.  It was a bow of beauty above an earthly mess of brush and blackberries.  To me, that rainbow was a sign that this was the place where the Gardens at Stillmeadows would be born.  And so it began, I moved onto the property with nothing but a small travel trailer.  For two long years, power  was supplied to the place by a generator and batteries, and I had to haul water in for three years before I could afford a well.  It was a long hard road when sometimes I would have to decide between paying bills and buying food or buying plants.  For the love of plants and a dream of building a retreat where others could enjoy the peace of Stillmeadows, I pressed on.  And the gardens are still growing.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



David and I were married at Stillmeadows and ever since then it has been one big gardening love affair. My biggest contribution beyond support and encouragement to David is the gift shop. Here you’ll find gifts made with love, and other gifts that are simply unique. From paintings to stuffed animals to local wines and lavender, you’re sure to find that special gift for yourself or your loved one. In addition to the gift shop I have a hand in many of the nursery specials. And if you’re here for the spa treatment you’re sure to love my organic energy bars made with our own fresh eggs.
The Gardens at Stillmeadows, where your garden love affair can begin.


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