In 1992, I stood on Stillmeadows lane looking at a twenty-six acre parcel that was nothing more than a clear cut, a messy one at that. but the deciding factor to purchase the land was a huge full spectrum rainbow perfectly framing the land.  This was a sign.  This land was to be our home.
The actual gardens began with some left-over plants from my first landscape project and as far as a plan for the garden, I  didn’t have one.   Each year I’d get another idea and they just kept coming.  Granted this is the hardest way to build a garden because you need to keep going backwards in order to harmonize the old sections with the new.  And if I had to do it again, I would make a  plan.
Twenty plus years later the garden is more than I could have imagined.  Still, I encourage all my clients that a good plan is a wise beginning.
Each season reveals a different garden.  May-June and September are my favorite times of year in the garden.
Some of the plants you’ll find of interest are the Cryptomeria Japonica, ornamental grasses, many varieties of Echinacea, and several rare evergreens.
The Gardens at Stillmeadows.  Always growing.